Tin Soy Candle Travel 4 oz Dark Pink Choose Your Scent

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Product Description

A 4 oz dark pink tin travel soy candle that is perfect for outings or romantic nights away from the house. You get to choose your scent and we have a number of scents to choose from, including:

1. Banana Cream Pie (Smells like the pie with the crust. Yummy!)
2. Cappuccino (Smells like a coffee)
3. Carrot Cake (Smells just like carrot cake and kind of makes me hungry)
4. China Rain (Strong smell of lily mixed with other flowers)
5. Merlot (A sweet smelling wine scent)
6. Orange (An orange citrusy fragrance)
7. Pearberry Musk (A sweet smelling musk)
8. Indonesian Patchouli (A strong and pleasant patchouli fragrance)
9. Champagne Fizz (A sweet smelling wine)
10. Hibiscus (Floral scent of the hibiscus flower)
11. Victorian Rose (A very strong rose fragrance)
12. Dulce de Leche (A sweet smell of milk and sugar)
13. Lick Me All Over (A fruity smell of a variety of different melons)
14. Chestnut Brown Sugar (Chestnut and brown sugar very evident in the fragrance)
15. Chocolate (Smells like a rich dark chocolate)
16. Baby Powder (A fresh fragrance that smells just like baby powder)
17. Orgasm (A fruity fragrance and one of our best sellers)
18. Witches Brew (A rich spicy fragrance)
19. Black Coffee (Smells just like a cup of black coffee. Very strong fragrance)
20. Feng Shui Wood (Pleasant woody fragrance that is good for relaxation)
21. House Plant (Smells like a live house plant. An interesting and pleasant fragrance)
22. Unscented

We use 9% fragrance oil per volume of soy wax. This is to ensure that each and every candle has the maximum fragrance that the wax can hold, resulting in the strongest smelling candles.

Tin Soy Candle Travel 4 oz Dark Pink Choose Your Scent

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